Judith Wyer is an artist based in Connecticut.


Making a painting is a journey with an unknown destination.. In this respect, I consider my process much like a writer where the narrative seems to develop itself. The relationship of the word and the image is crucial. My work often begins with a photograph of a captivating image, a fleeting moment of everyday existence.

From this I begin the  process of developing the narrative which most often requires numerous edits and lengthy periods of just looking at the work and not touching it. This can take years. The work and I grow together which hopefully yields a provocative and intimate elucidation of the human condition. Once I arrive on a title, which is almost never at the outset, everything comes into sharper focus and the work’s form and meaning come into closer agreement.

In fact, I never consider a piece finished.  The challenge of one piece informs the next which sometimes leads to resurrecting an incomplete piece from the past.  My attic is full of such unfinished works. The words of Diego Velazquez continue to guide me, “Es Verdad, No Pintura.”